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Troubleshooting: Quest 2 issues - “com.oculus.presence.presence isn't responding” and “Use this code to connect your headset”
Troubleshooting: Quest 2 issues - “com.oculus.presence.presence isn't responding” and “Use this code to connect your headset”

com.oculus.presence.presence isn't responding,

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On March 1st, 2023, we started receiving reports of Meta Quest 2 devices occasionally receiving the error "com.oculus.presence.presence isn't responding" and reports that a Meta notification pops through to ManageXR and asks you to enter an 8-digit code and verify your device. We believe this issue is related to devices failing to authenticate with Meta servers and may be a lingering issue of devices affected by Meta firmware v49 crashing (more info here) that was fixed with the release of Meta firmware v50.

Based on our reports, these errors seem only to be affecting subsets of devices, primarily on networks that are blocking traffic to Meta servers. After extensive testing, we could not recreate these errors but were able to determine that these two issues are related. Upon further review of Android logs, we've determined this is a Meta issue and that any fix must come from Meta.


Some Quest 2 devices receive popups in the ManageXR Home Screen or kiosk mode. These popups are either "com.oculus.presence.presence isn't responding"

Or an in-headset Meta popup that looks like the screenshot below.

This notification screen reads, "Use this code to connect your headset"

  1. Remove headset.

  2. Go to on mobile or desktop

  3. Log into your Meta account.

  4. When prompted, enter the following code: XXXX-XXXX”

These errors seem to happen sporadically, and it's difficult to reproduce at will.


We've been working with customers to understand potential workarounds that may mitigate these errors.

See below for a list of possible workarounds:

  • Since most of our reports are coming from customers who are on networks that block traffic to Meta servers, it’s worth investigating if connecting to an unrestricted network resolves this issue for you. Unblocking traffic to Meta should allow the device to authenticate properly and make these errors go away. Check out our Network Requirements documentation for the full list of ManageXR's network recommendations.

  • If running an app and the com.oculus.presence.presence isn't responding pops up, you should be able to close out of the error and continue where you left off in the app. This is a temporary fix in order to complete a session.

  • If you follow the instructions in the Meta popup (go to and enter the code in your headset), the code should go away. However, we have had reports that this popup comes back. The duration between these pop-ups is undefined and varies from report to report. We’ve also had reports that this code popup has disappeared on its own.

💡 Even if you're using Meta Test Users, you can still work through this process by using your Test User credentials to log into and enter the code that's in your headset.


With the information we have, the best advice we can give is to connect your device to a network that does not block traffic to Meta servers and to follow any in-headset instructions that appear on the device. We will continue bumping our ongoing thread with Meta, but we want to proactively share our knowledge gathered from other customers.

With that in mind, please contact if you’re experiencing this issue and want to report it formally. Additionally, if you have successfully suppressed these errors, we would appreciate hearing the steps you took to achieve this. Thank you for your patience, and we appreciate you navigating this issue with us.

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