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Troubleshooting: Manually Update or Pause Meta Quest Firmware Releases
Troubleshooting: Manually Update or Pause Meta Quest Firmware Releases

How to attempt to force or pause your Meta Quest firmware updates

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Manual firmware update

ManageXR is not able to force the Meta firmware rollout process; Meta is the only entity that can push firmware updates to their devices. Additionally, Meta's firmware is not released to all devices simultaneously; it instead happens over time. As a result, certain devices will receive newer firmware versions ahead of others.

Typically, Meta firmware updates happen on their own in the background, regardless of whether a device is in kiosk mode or configured to the ManageXR Home Screen. If you have a device that's not updating to the latest firmware, you can attempt to initiate the update manually by finding the option in the device's settings. You can do this by exiting ManageXR and following Meta's manual update instructions.

⚠️ Meta Quest devices rely on access to Facebook servers for firmware updates. Meta firmware updates will only be available if your device is connected to a network that doesn't block Facebook/Meta servers.

Many networks block hardware/software-specific websites. For example, most schools already block Facebook (Meta) servers, which can disallow firmware updates and potentially cause other issues with Meta Quest devices. The solution here is to work with on-site network admins to ensure these services aren't blocked or restricted. A good starting point is our Network Requirements documentation, which highlights the ManageXR and Meta network endpoints that need to be whitelisted in order for ManageXR to function properly and for Quest devices to be able to communicate with Meta servers. It also outlines best practices if whitelisting these endpoints is out of the question.

Disable firmware updates on Quest devices [ALPHA]

By default, Meta Quest devices automatically upgrade firmware when a new version becomes available. Uncontrolled, automatic firmware upgrades make quality assurance a constant challenge. So, ManageXR is offering an Alpha feature that allows you to disable firmware updates on Meta Quest devices. Toggle "Disable Firmware Updates" on your configuration to keep your devices on their current firmware versions and prevent them from automatically upgrading.

Disabling firmware updates on Meta Quest devices is an alpha feature. You can participate in the alpha testing and access Quest firmware control by using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen when logged into ManageXR or by contacting

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